Know the sex toys that can be used as jewelry

Know the sex toys that can be used as jewelry

American brands are investing heavily in items that not only improve our life and sexual performance, but also give that up in the look

In fashion or in decoration, the trends come and go like the seasons – but, between us, orgasms never go out of fashion. Amen! And it was just to exchange an idea free of prejudice and super informal that from today I come here to talk about, tchãran, sex! Ok, sex and everything (or almost) related to it. And to start in great style, the agenda I bring today is, so to speak, luxurious.

That’s because if we can join the beautiful to the, hmmm, pleasant-pleasant, why not invest in a jewel that was also designed for our pleasure? Yes, you read right: brands such as Crave and Onbound (both American) have been investing heavily in items that, besides improving our life and sexual performance, also give that up on the look!

Changing into kids, you go to a dinner wearing a beautiful pair of earrings but when you close the doors of the room, they turn into nipple clamps. I can only think that this is the best time to be alive, really!

And before someone comes out thinking that the pieces are freaks or super brazen (to the point that your mother suspects what she’s meant for), I’ll say: not really. They are exactly like the beauties that we keep watching in the jewelry stores of the malls around.

Now that this new world has opened, let’s know some of the available options and take advantage to increase our collection of precious items?

One Finger Massage Ring

A super delicate ring that will certainly catch your friends’ attention – counting your other features is up to you, right? The little balls of the jewel were designed to make the foreplay even more exciting and involving massages (who doesn’t love?). And the best: it’s worth sliding with it through any part of your body, providing a punctual pressure capable of letting you climb the walls.


And the pride of walking around wearing a beautiful vibrator around your neck? Yes, Vesper has four speeds to stimulate the clitoris. With a minimalist and discreet design, it is available in silver, gold and rosé.

 Cleo Bangle Handcuffs 

A loose dress in summer or simply the combo t-shirt and jeans: regardless of the moment, a minimalist bracelet makes the difference. And since we are talking about sexual items, check it out: the cold metal touch of this jewelry on your skin can awaken the hottest ideas. Even better when they turn into super stylish handcuffs to satisfy the most secret fantasies in the bedroom, the living room, the car…

Nipple & Clit Clamp

With a footprint half 90’s – who remembers the famous bodychains? Nothing less than the famous bodychains that went from the neck to the waist to be worn over or under the clothes (like the ones worn by Queen Beyoncé in Crazy in Love). This set of 14k gold-plated clitoris and nipple fasteners allows you to adjust the pressure level while stimulating the most sensitive areas. Adjustable, the piece also fits perfectly on bodies of different sizes (live the diversity!).

Nipple & Clit Clamp

The pieces are really beautiful and possibly many people want to buy just for the aesthetics – and we super understand! But if we have other delicious functions at hand, why not?

Around here I’m already counting the change to guarantee one of the little beauties. And you? Tell me about it!

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